My Hero Academia and Motivators

Just like what seems like everyone who even remotely keeps up with modern anime releases, I’ve had an eye on the runaway success that is [Boku no | My Hero] Academia. You come for the flashy action and cool character designs, you stick around because the cast is so gosh-darn endearing.


FLCL and Breaking Format

FLCL is available to stream on Funimation/VRV and Hulu. I get really excited whenever I see a show with only eleven episodes in its season. Not because that makes it faster to get through my long backlog of the many great and wonderful things being made these days. (Granted, that's definitely a mark in favor …

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Pokémon Johto and Tenderfoot Role-Playing

My gut reaction to Pokémon: Let's Go, Cute Critter! was admittedly on the pessimistic side, and while I stand by what I wrote, it definitely comes from a certain perspective that doesn't represent all - possibly even most - potential players of that game. So I'd like to leverage that same perspective to talk about what has and still does excite me about the Pokémon games, and a huge part of the reason why I'm still willing to come back to the table every single time one of these games comes out.